Here's a collection of photo submissions from our
Wah-Wah Footwear fans.

Hey kids, check it out - we've got all new Wah-Wah fashion coming down the runway! Scroll down to check out something special for the ladies... And keep your Wah-Wah Footwear Fashion Photo submissions comin'!

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Here's one we forgot to include in the original show. It's a '60s Fender Fuzz Wah with a brown Doc Marten oxford (chunky sole!). Maybe we'll include it in our updated version (someday).


Here's another left over from the Wah Show. It's a super rare, original gray Vox Wah-Wah prototype, hand-built by Dick Denney circa '66-'67. It's being played barefoot because after you pay for this wah, you can't afford no shoes!




Green Italian Mauri and Crybaby GCB-95

Submitted by Gian at Maplewood Pawn in St Louis


Wah GBX shoes and Dunlop Crybaby 535

Submitted by ColorsoundKid
(Harmony Central Effects Forum)


“Italian on Italian...This is my Sound City Fuzz-Wah Face and my Scarpa. I know the boot looks huge but it's actually a size 11.5!”

Submitted by Gary Glaesemann


“Hello guys! Cool idea with the wah-wah footwear fashion! This picture shows my cheap Chinese sneakers on my Dunlop JH-1B Jimi Hendrix signature wah. I play all my wahs with sneakers (the ‘wah shoes’) because of the better feeling than in heavy boots. Greetings from Germany!"

Submitted by Markus Diehl


"Kudos to you for one of the geekiest guitar geek sites on the Internet! I approve so whole-heartedly that I am submitting a photo for you – a pair of vintage 1950s cowboy boots flanking two rare volume/tone pedals: a 1950s Bigsby pedal and an even rarer copy of a Bigsby made by Wright Custom. Yee-haw! Thanks for your site.”

Submitted by Deke Dickerson



"I call it the Dunlop Double. Featuring the fabulous Dunlop Crybaby 535Q sported with a pair of checkered Dunlop Volleys (Tennis shoes made in Australia). Many thanks to my handmade Canare 205 cable with Switchcraft Jacks and a Peavey Classic 30 paired with a Yamaha AES820D6 tuned to D."

Submitted by Tim Mufsed


"I found your site by chance and would like to send you a rather blurry pic of my Colorsound-Wah pedal I use at home. Let's say a wide pedal asks for a wide shoe. I first wanted to take a pic of the vintage one in our band room but... my bandmates would laugh at me!"

Submitted by Simon from Switzerland




Converse and Clyde McCoy reissue

Submitted by Stephen Evans

“Hi, this is Nicola from Italy and I've attached a picture of my wah pedal. Tiger shoes and rare fOXX Wa & Volume. Great wah, Hendrix-style, and volume (it helps in some cases) in one good and fashionable looking pedal. Cheers!”

Submitted by Nicola from Italy

Puma shoe and Vox wah

Submitted by Daniel Dadsh

Budda Wah with sandals

Submitted by Ricardo Iglesias from Brazil

French claquette and
Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95

Submitted by Warioblast
(Harmony Central Effects Forum)


Unknown shoe and Budda wah

Submitted by Street Level Musical Exchanges (UK)


Grey Saucony and Dunlop Crybaby 105Q

Submitted by Peter Croce

“Hi Tom, I wore something extra funky this morning and thought it would be a great addition to your online fashion show! I wanted to let you know I started reading your book after the NAMM show and it's proving to be very informative! Great meeting you at NAMM!”

Submitted by Hannah Haugberg, painter for Zvex Effects


“I didn’t think there was much variety on the Wah Wah front so I had to send you a pic of my lovely pea green colorsound. I lent this pedal to a friend who then moved and it was lost for five years until I spotted another mate using it who admitted he had borrowed it off mate number 1… musicians? Colorsound Wah and PF Flyer plimsole, the ultimate combination. Cheers, Merry”

Submitted by Meredith Ashford

Teese Wizard Wah and Sweet 5-5-4 Asteroid (brown) shoes. Cables are Evidence Audio Lyric HG.

Submitted by Mrs. James Reed